Artist Statement

I make prehistoric animals in clay that embody my love of nature. Clay allows me to capture massive weight and size, flexed muscles under thick fur, and jaws lined with teeth under a snarling lip. My sculptures bring these extinct animals back to life.

I am attracted to animals that evolved with distinct features, such as unfamiliar tusks, strange elongated limbs, unusual snouts, and thick hides that cover heavy bodies with armor. These characteristics depict the animals as formidable forces. The ropes and other restraints I add to bind them are feeble in comparison to their strength and power. Muzzles and chains represent humanity’s constant struggle to control the natural world. The conflict between humanity and nature is revealed in a leather strap stretched thin or a rope about to snap. I use a fragment of the animal form to emphasize the increasing tension of this struggle.

These sculpted animals express my longing for the beauty of an untamed environment. The longevity of prehistoric animals is echoed by their descendents that are alive today. My sculptures show what we have never known, yet remain with us.

4 Responses to Artist Statement

  1. Jean Atwell says:

    My husband saw your work at the student sale last weekend. We especially like your
    rabbits. Are any of them for sale? Jean

    • arielbowman says:

      I am sorry Jean, I no longer have any of those pieces for sale. However, I will soon be setting up a small business online for my smaller animal sculptures. There will be more rabbits along with many other animals. I will be sure to keep information about this posted on my website here. Thanks for your interest!

  2. karma4karma says:

    You have great talent and bring to life (in clay) what I enjoy doing on paper 🙂 I really enjoy your creations and look forward to many more.

  3. Lesley says:

    Really enjoyed reading your journey thus far in art and seeing images of your work. Wish I could take a workshop!

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