This Blog is Moving

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who is currently following this blog for their support, wonderful comments, and interest in my work. The past content of this blog will remain available but no new posts will be made. This post is to inform my followers that future content for this creative research blog will be posted on my Patreon site.

Patreon is a site that supports creatives like me through a membership platform. Members of my Patreon page are rewarded with exclusive access to behind the scenes research, so for that reason, posts like you have seen here will now be for members only. Hopefully if you have enjoyed this blog, you will consider becoming a patron to further support my work as an artist, and continue to follow along with my creative process. Through my Patreon community you can even become a part of the process by participating in discussions and providing feedback for new ideas.

Patrons will also receive special rewards based on their membership tier, these include exclusive products, early access to new products, discounts in my website shop, and much more. Capture

Posts be made more often on Patreon, so people can follow along with new series, and even see videos of my technical process posted each month. Patrons will also have access to Lens, an app for live stream video content that will share things from the studio as they happen. Be the first to see new sculptures, exhibition previews, and installation shots. Special booklets and coffee table books dedicated to different series will also be made available only to patrons.

This membership community will help support me as a full time studio artist, allowing me to make more complex pieces that involve more time and materials to make. With member support I will be able to expand my research through travel, and increase the visibility and reach of my artwork. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my art with fans and friends in a whole new way, and I hope that you can join me in this new and exciting chapter of my artistic career!

About Ariel Bowman

I grew up in Dallas, Texas where I learned to love nature, animals, and art. I graduated with a BFA in ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2011. I am currently working towards my MFA in ceramics at the University of Florida. This blog serves as a way for my friends and family, as well as anyone interested in my work, to view not only the finished pieces, but some of the process as well. You can subscribe to this blog to keep up to date on what I am currently working on in the studio, research, new sources, and exhibitions.
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